Leveraging Emerging Technology to Enhance Maritime Logistics

Leveraging Emerging Technology to Enhance Maritime Logistics

By George Galdorisi, Director of Strategic Assessments and Technical Futures at the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

It will take years to capture all the lessons learned from the current conflict in Ukraine. One that will likely be examined in war colleges in the future is the vital importance of logistics. Seth Cropsey, former deputy undersecretary of the Navy, put it this way in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece:

Western observers of Russia’s failure in Ukraine likely will soon begin arguing that Moscow’s inefficiencies diminish Washington’s need to rebuild the U.S. military. But Russian failure has stemmed from logistical issues, and the U.S. military’s capabilities, like Russia’s, aren’t prepared for major combat with a global power.

Click here to read the full story, featured in ON&T May 2022.


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