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TAKE 5 with Ocean ICT: Autonomous Crafts

TAKE 5 with Ocean ICT: Autonomous Crafts

Autonomous Crafts is developing custom unmanned vessels tailored to end-users’ needs. In this TAKE 5, we hear from Nikola Matulic, System Architecture and Founder of Autonomous Crafts, to find out more about the technology and the role it is playing for the ocean industry.


What role does your company play in marine and ocean information and communication technology (ICT) space?

Autonomous Crafts emerged as a spin-off from the rich heritage of Croatian shipbuilding and automotive expertise. With deep industrial knowledge, Autonomous Crafts is primed to produced technological advancements in the maritime sector with precision and efficiency. Our team of experts holds a clear vision for the future of maritime operations, focusing on the development of unmanned drone vessels and data-driven connected operations. We understand that each client, each mission, and each environment have different requirements; thus, we base our solutions on a completely tailored, modular design approach.

Our product designs are based on four building blocks:

  1. The uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) as a carrier vessel for mission instrumentation
  2. Data acquisition, edge computing, and data transmission
  3. Data-driven operational awareness and analytics
  4. Connected remote operations

We offer shell products or completely custom designs based on the operational requirements. Our baseline product for the USV sector is AMP-100, which is designed for various coastal applications and, with its fully adaptable payload area, serves as a robust multi-purpose craft in maritime operations. When considering data collection, onboard processing, and transmission, we host it within AQVIS-DU—a unit capable of collecting, processing, and transferring a wide array of data to dedicated servers by utilizing secured transfer protocols, indicative of high standards of data integrity and security.

Image3 Autonomous Maritime Platform AMP 100 Credit Autonomous Crafts

Autonomous Maritime Platform AMP-100. (Image credit: Autonomous Crafts)

To get an insight and extract the value out of data, we have developed ADAAMS (Active Data Analytics and Monitoring System), which provides deep insights on the fleet, vessel performance, and mission data; consequently, ensuring real-time operational intelligence, long-term data insights, and empowering data-driven decision-making. Our Advance Remote Operations Center (AROC) serves as a centralized mission control hub featuring mission planning, remote camera sight, real-time data analytics, and complete mission oversight, aligning with the high standards of operation and monitoring.

Image2 Advanced Remote Operations Center AROC Credit Autonomous Crafts

Advanced Remote Operations Center (AROC). (Image credit: Autonomous Crafts)

How do you see breakthroughs in ICT capabilities shaping the evolution of the ocean industry?

ICT advancements are pivotal in transforming the ocean industry. Integration of cutting-edge remote operations, uncrewed systems, and networked assets unlock unprecedented levels of autonomy and precision in maritime operations. These breakthroughs facilitate enhanced decision-making, improved safety, and operational efficiency. ICT developments offer complete mission control capabilities from any onshore location, thus expanding the potential for maritime undertakings while minimizing human exposure to hazardous conditions.

Image4 Data Aquisition and AnalyticsAQVIS DUADAAMS Credit Autonomous Crafts

Data Acquisition and Analytics (ADAAMS). (Image credit: Autonomous Crafts)

Are there any recent or upcoming launches/projects/milestones/announcements you want to share with us?

We are currently in negotiation to kick off the joint project of collaborative USV and UAV (uncrewed aerial vehicle) mission execution for survey and SAR (Search and Rescue) applications. Here, we are excited to extend our communication network onto the collaborative system level and further expand our mission management tool to unlock the machine-to-machine and machines-to-shore operational management.

What are you looking forward to most about Oceanology International 2024?

At Oceanology International 2024, we eagerly anticipate showcasing our latest technologies and engaging with industry peers to explore collaborative opportunities. The event is a launchpad for innovation, and we look forward to contributing to and learning from the collective that drives the ocean industry forward.

The future of ocean-based ICT hinges on…

Transforming data collection, analytics, vessel, and mission management into seamless, integrated, connected operations.

Autonomous Crafts will be exhibiting in the Oceanology International 2024 Ocean ICT Pavilion—powered by ON&T Magazine. You can find them at the Ocean ICT pavilion in R151 on the Oceanology floor to chat more about the ICT solutions for the ocean industry.


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