Unveiling the Next Generation in CTD Data Collection

Unveiling the Next Generation in CTD Data Collection
SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity and Chlorophyll a sensors’ end cap feature user-friendly LED indications for operational status, GPS, battery, and Bluetooth. (Image credit: Valeport)

The most recent innovations added to Valeport’s precision marine instrument portfolio, the SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity and SWiFT CTDplus Chlorophyll a, bring a new era of accuracy and convenience for hydrographers.

A CTD is one of the most used instruments in marine survey. Recognizing that accurate measured Conductivity, Temperature and Depth data is essential for some surveyors, we have evolved the CTD profiler to not only make it easier to use and more accurate, but to combine it with turbidity and fluorometry observations.

These new sensors are the next generation in the SWiFT profiler range and provide survey-grade sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth® connectivity, rechargeable battery and GPS to to deliver the highest quality data.


Designed with the intention of seamless workflow, the SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity and SWIFT CTDplus Chlorophyll a have all the benefits of the SWiFT profiler range and feature an integral GPS module so every profile the SWiFT CTD produces is time-stamped and geo-located without the user having to log positions manually or cross-reference with another GPS source.

With Bluetooth connectivity the SWiFT CTDplus does not need to be plugged into a cable to be configured or to download data, instead data can be quickly and easily downloaded wirelessly, and uses Valeport’s Ocean software for iOS, Android and PC platforms. The data can then be easily instantly shared in industry standard data formats.

Developed with simplicity in mind, the SWiFT CTDplus is devised with a straightforward switching on/off action, the magnetic switch ring is easy to operate, even with cold hands, it simply turns through 90 degrees and reassuringly clicks into position. The end cap features user-friendly LED indications for operational status, GPS, battery and Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Problematic battery changes are also a thing of the past with the SWiFT CTDplus profilers. The rechargeable battery, with greater than 100 hours battery life, is simple and easy to recharge.


Using Valeport’s world-leading high accuracy sensor technology to combine sensors for multiple profiles in a single drop, the SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity and SWiFT CTDplus Chlorophyll a feature a new fast response temperature probe and both operate down to 500 m as standard, delivering directly measured Conductivity, Temperature and Depth with turbidity or fluorometry observations.

In addition to the directly measured CTD, each of the SWiFT CTDplus profilers deliver computed Salinity, Density and Sound Velocity which is calculated using the UNESCO international standard algorithm and the Chen and Millero equation, delivering highly accurate data.

Valeport’s turbidity technology in the new SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity is essentially based on two sensors in one. The first is a “classic” nephelometer, using a 90˚ beam angle for turbidity levels between 0 and 2,000 NTU. The second sensor uses Optical Backscatter (OBS) for turbidity levels up to 10,000 NTU. The sensors output data separately and simultaneously at a programmable rate. This means that there is no need to switch ranges as conditions vary. Intelligent sampling and the use of a 24 bit ADC eliminates the need to switch gain.


With an operational battery life of up to five days and the convenience of charge via USB, the SWiFT CTDplus is intended for offshore, coastal, harbor, and inland environmental and hydrographic survey use.

Constructed from titanium to provide unrivalled durability and for its corrosion resistant properties in salt water, the SWiFT CTDplus is robust. The conductivity sensor with its ceramic core is housed in a strong acetal protective cage, and an additional deployment cage is also available to bolt onto the instrument to secure additional weight and so help the SWiFT CTDplus get to depth in fast-flowing currents.

Both SWiFT CTDplus profilers are easily portable, ø78mm x length 350 mm, weighing in at just 2.7 kg (in air) / 1.65 kg (in water). They are supplied in a durable system transit case, with PC Bluetooth adapter, USB interface and charging cable, Valeport Ocean software and the operating manual.


Developed by Valeport’s own in-house Research and Development team, the new SWiFT CTDplus profilers come with a three-year warranty from new. All Valeport’s CTD profilers are calibrated and pressure checked in Valeport’s state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops before dispatch from Valeport’s UK-based premises.

Beyond the three-year warranty, Valeport’s Service and Calibration department are able to keep Valeport instruments performing as new for many years and offer a unique 12-month warranty on all serviced Valeport instruments.

Valeport’s Research & Development team are continually working to evolve the SWiFT range of profilers and new parameters are anticipated in 2023.

For over 50 years, Valeport has been designing and manufacturing precision oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation which includes: CTD & Environmental, Current, Echosounders & Bathymetry, Sound Velocity and Tide Gauges.

Valeport technology is trusted by leading subsea, hydrographic, hydrometric, metrological & positioning, oceanographic, ports, harbors & dredging, renewable energy and scientific research organizations worldwide.

The SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity and SWiFT CTDplus Chlorophyll a are now available to order; for more information visit www.valeport.com or contact: sales@valeport.co.uk.

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