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MetOcean Telematics: NOVATECH™ Satellite Beacons


NOVATECH™ Beacons and Flashers are an integral part of ocean study and exploration. NOVATECH™ Satellite Beacons provide near real-time data and recovery coordinates, via Iridium® or Argos satellites, offering different options to suit individual deployment needs.

NOVATECH™ Iridium® and Argos Beacons are used in a wide variety of submersible and surface applications. During submersible applications they are attached to underwater equipment such as ROVs, AUVs, UUVs, OBS platforms, deep sea moorings, and scientific equipment. When the equipment returns to the surface, the Satellite Beacon starts transmitting automatically to provide a satellite signal to assist in the recovery of the equipment. They can also be used during surface projects for a number of applications.


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