Fincantieri Receives Additional U212NFS Submarine Order for the Italian Navy

(Image credit: Fincantieri)
(Image credit: Fincantieri)

The Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’Armement (OCCAR), the international organization for joint armament cooperation) has exercised an option for building the fourth new-generation submarine related to the U212NFS (Near Future Submarine) program for the Italian Navy, which was assigned to Fincantieri. The unit has a total value of approximately 500 million euros, including the related Integrated Logistic Support and In-Service Support. The signature also activates all other options that complete the maintenance support for the submarines already contracted.

The signing took place between OCCAR Director Joachim Sucker and the General Manager of Fincantieri’s Naval Vessels Division, Dario Deste, at the Muggiano shipyard, where the start of works on the third NFS submarine under construction for the Italian Navy was also celebrated with a steel-cutting ceremony. The Director of Naval Armaments and Vice Admiral Giuseppe Abbamonte were also present at the event.

At the same time, a major Engineering Change Proposal is being initiated for the industrialization in Italy, production and integration of an innovative lithium energy storage system (Lithium Battery System) on board all the U212NFS vessels which will replace the traditional lead-acid system currently in use. This state-of-the-art technology will increase the submarines’ underwater range.

The U212NFS submarines will be highly innovative, with significant design modifications that will all be developed independently by Fincantieri, who holds the role of Design Authority and Prime Contractor, in accordance with the Navy requirements. The program responds to the need to secure adequate underwater spatial surveillance and control capacity, considering the future complex scenarios of underwater operations and the fact that the end of the operational lifetime of the four Sauro-class submarines currently in service is drawing near. The U212NFS submarines will also join the four operational U212A class submarines, including the Romei, which is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance at the Muggiano shipyard.

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and Managing Director of Fincantieri, commented: “We are proud to announce this further step forward in Fincantieri’s growth in the defense sector, especially in relation to innovation in the underwater domain. This project contributes to expanding our presence in the underwater sphere, a strategic area where the major challenges of the geopolitical balances and technological innovation of the future will play out. In addition to the order for the building of a new next-generation submarine, we signed the agreement for the new Lithium Battery System. This system represents an absolute innovation in underwater propulsion systems and demonstrates the commitment of Fincantieri and the Italian Navy to the development and industrialization of state-of-the-art international underwater technologies.”

The new U212NFS class will serve to uphold and further develop Fincantieri’s acquired strategic and innovative industrial know-how, as well as consolidating the technological lead attained by the company and its supply chain, with major industries, and small and medium-sized enterprises of the sector, enhancing the presence on board of technologically advanced components developed by Italian industries.

Submarines perform many different tasks for the benefit of the community. On a daily basis, Navy submarines are engaged in the surveillance of maritime communication routes and the underwater dimension, including within NATO and EU alliances. It is a role that is becoming increasingly important in light of the country’s interests that reside below the surface of the sea, from seabed resources to underwater energy and communications infrastructure.

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