Northrop Grumman Completes Assembly of Manta Ray UUV

Northrop Grumman Completes Assembly of Manta Ray UUV
A full-size prototype of Manta Ray, a new class of uncrewed underwater vehicle, is assembled in Northrop Grumman’s Annapolis facility. (Image credit: Northrop Grumman)

Northrop Grumman Corporation completed assembly of a full-size uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) prototype known as Manta Ray. A new class of UUV, the Manta Ray is an extra-large glider that will operate long-duration, long-range and payload-capable undersea missions without need for on-site human logistics.

Manta Ray was built through a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program aimed at advancing key technologies to benefit future UUV designs, including techniques to manage energy, increased payload capacity, low-power propulsion and more.

For more information about Manta Ray, please click here.


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