Bureau Veritas Joins Nemo to Shape the Future of Maritime Nuclear Energy

Bureau Veritas Joins Nemo to Shape the Future of Maritime Nuclear Energy
(Image credit: Bureau Veritas)

Bureau Veritas reaffirms its commitment to sustainable energy solutions as a founding member of the Nuclear Energy Maritime Organization (NEMO), an international membership organization for stakeholders involved in all aspects of floating nuclear power and nuclear mobility. In collaboration with leading industry partners, Bureau Veritas embarks on a journey to help shape the future of nuclear energy in the maritime sector, ensuring safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship.

At the heart of NEMO's mission is the collaboration among experts to support nuclear and maritime regulators in establishing robust standards and protocols for the deployment, operation, and decommissioning of floating nuclear power. By providing expert guidance and advocating for the highest safety, security, and environmental standards, NEMO fosters a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy among its members and stakeholders. Advanced nuclear technologies deployed at sea hold the promise of reducing environmental impact, enhancing social responsibility, and boosting economic competitiveness. NEMO aims at providing stakeholders a platform to network and forge functional connections between regulators, driving development and the exchange of best practices.

The emergence of innovative nuclear technologies, such as small modular reactors (SMRs), presents new opportunities for harnessing nuclear energy, particularly in maritime environments. Bureau Veritas plays a pivotal role in supporting pioneers in the nuclear energy sector. From assessing new technology feasibility to overseeing implementation, we are dedicated to identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring the seamless deployment of these cutting-edge technologies while upholding the highest safety standards every step of the way.

Since 2022, Bureau Veritas is supporting nuclear power technology developer ThorCon to drive forward the development of a 500-MW molten salt nuclear power barge intended for operation in Indonesia. Unlike conventional nuclear reactors, ThorCon's design operates at low pressure and employs liquid fuel. The first stage is the New Technology Qualification for the TNPP (Transportable Nuclear Power Plant). Bureau Veritas plays an important role in ensuring compliance and safety through the identification of relevant standards, codes, and class rules, and potential development of new guidance.

Bureau Veritas has also proactively engaged in advancing nuclear energy integration and policy advocacy. Collaborating with the Centre for Strategic Energy and Resources, an independent think-and-do tank, Bureau Veritas contributed to a policy brief advocating for the inclusion of nuclear energy in the ASEAN Taxonomy. Additionally, Bureau Veritas participated as a panelist at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s International Symposium on the Deployment of Floating Nuclear Power Plants—Benefits and Challenges in 2023, focused on exploring the potential deployment of floating nuclear power plants to enhance nuclear energy's role in achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Further demonstrating its commitment to the sector, Bureau Veritas supported the French nuclear industry by engaging in discussions on the decarbonization of port activities and ships for SMRs and advanced modular reactors, showcasing its multifaceted approach to advancing sustainable nuclear energy solutions.


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