Eco Wave Power’s Jaffa Port Wave Energy Station Project Completed

Eco Wave Power’s Jaffa Port Wave Energy Station Project Completed
Eco Wave Power’s EWP-EDF One project, fully built, with 10 floaters

Eco Wave Power Global AB, a leading, publicly traded onshore wave energy company, announces that its landmark EWP-EDF One wave energy power station in the Port of Jaffa, Israel, has received the final grant funding from the Israeli Ministry of Energy, marking the official completion of the project.

The wave energy project, executed in collaboration with EDF Renewables IL, and with co-funding from the Israeli Ministry of Energy, which recognized the Eco Wave Power’s technology as a “Pioneering Technology”, is set to be Israel’s first onshore wave energy power station, officially connected to the national electrical grid.

The EWP-EDF One power station has an installed capacity of 100 KW and is made up of 10 floaters along the Port of Jaffa’s pre-existing breakwater. Each floater connects to Eco Wave Power’s patented energy conversion unit, which is located on land, enabling easy access for operation and maintenance.


“We are grateful for the funding from the Israeli Ministry of Energy, which helped bring a new form of renewable energy to Israel,” said Eco Wave Power‘s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Inna Braverman. “With the power station’s upcoming connection to the energy grid, Israel will finally start exploring the immense power of wave energy – one of the most reliable and consistent sources of renewable energy in the world.”

2 Gideon FriedmanGideon Friedman visiting Eco Wave Power’s small-scale pilot, before the construction of the larger wave energy power station begins.

“Eco Wave Power had the pleasure of working with the Israeli Energy Ministry, led by the Chief Scientist, Mr. Gideon Friedman. The work process was clear and efficient, and we feel that the support of the Energy Ministry really created a significant leap forward for the wave energy industry in Israel,” said Aharon Yehuda, the Company’s Chief Financial Officer.

The next step is to officially connect the EWP-EDF One power station to Israel’s energy grid. The Company is waiting for the last technical approval from the Israeli Electric Company and anticipates an official “plugging in” ceremony in the coming months.


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