OWC Conducts Black Sea Offshore Wind Feasibility Study

OWC Conducts Black Sea Offshore Wind Feasibility Study
(Image credit: OWC)

Renewable energy consultancy OWC has completed a zonal appraisal and technical-economic feasibility study for what could become among the first designated offshore wind areas in the Black Sea. The client is Romania-based independent energy company Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG).

OWC, which supports the utility-scale development of renewable energy projects onshore and offshore, has supported its local client with a series of technical-economic studies to assess the commercial feasibility of offshore wind in the Romania Black Sea.

In April 2024, the Government adopted the Offshore Wind Energy Bill, which aims to designate wind energy areas and define site concession procedures in early 2025.

BSOG is assessing the viability of potential offshore wind concession areas and its existing power export corridor and proposed reception facility.

OWC was supported in the delivery of the project, by the Romanian branch of its sister company and energy and marine consultancy, ABL, located in Constanta.

Alan Smith, Delivery Director at OWC, said: “Together with ABL we were able to provide OWC’s specialised offshore wind expertise with local market know-how, to provide the most relevant support to the client. We hope this is just the beginning of Romania’s promising future in offshore wind development.”

Mark Beacom, BSOG CEO, added: “We are pleased to be working with OWC to more fully assess the technical potential and commercial viability of Offshore Wind Development in Romania’s Black Sea and the ability to utilize our existing Midia Gas Development (MGD) energy corridor and our existing MGD lands for reception facilities to realize up to 3GW of development for Romania.”

In February 2024, the World Bank presented draft findings of Romania’s Offshore Wind Roadmap Study. This study envisages up to 7 GW of offshore wind capacity installed in Romania by 2035.

OWC is part of the Oslo-listed consultancy group ABL Group ASA.


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