Genevos Signs MoU with ACUA Ocean

Genevos Signs MoU with ACUA Ocean
ACUA Ocean H-USV (Image credit: Genevos)

Genevos, a leading hydrogen fuel cell power systems integrator, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ACUA Ocean, a specialist manufacturer of hydrogen powered USVs, for a commercial collaboration to develop next-generation hydrogen powered USVs.

The announcement was made at the opening day of Hyvolution, a major three-day European hydrogen event held in Paris, Porte de Versailles.

The strategic collaboration will focus on the development of a fully-integrated hydrogen marine fuel cell into a USV. Powered by green hydrogen, this development will importantly enable an environmentally friendly USV allowing for zero toxic emissions, lower maintenance costs, and offer increased reliability and autonomy offshore, as compared to a diesel equivalent.

ACUA Ocean develop low-emission USVs for ocean monitoring and data collection across the security, offshore energy and marine conservation sectors. Compared to existing manned solutions, the H-USV has lower refueling requirements allowing for increased range, speed and endurance, increasing operations on site by up to 40 days.

In November 2023, ACUA Ocean developed and completed phase one of Factory Acceptance Testing on a hydrogen-powertrain system. Through this partnership, the companies will now optimize this prototype to integrate a novel 40 kW Hydrogen Power Module, developed by Genevos. This upgrade will benefit from a marinized and commercially certified marine fuel cell, and provide for increased capacity and power for payload.

image2 1706543145276Genevos HPM-40 (Image credit: Genevos)

The Genevos range of HPM solutions are integrated for durability with corrosion-resistant graphite stacks and IP56 rating, suitable to be installed in an engine room or on deck. Developed as a practical and plug-and-play solution to decarbonize small-scale vessels, other typical applications of the HPM-40 include recreational boats, coastal fishing vessels, and passenger boats such as water taxis and ferries.

Speaking on the agreement, CEO Neil Tinmouth said, “We at ACUA Ocean are excited to be working with Genevos, and to accelerating the adoption of zero-emission technology in the broader marine sector. Critical to this decision is Genevos’ focus on marinization and their understanding of the robustness and reliability required of technology solutions operating in open ocean conditions, as well as their commitment to achieving class certification having already achieved LR Approval in Principle.

“USVs are undergoing significant global demand due to their high autonomy which benefits applications from environmental and climate monitoring, to commercial surveillance. Supporting pioneering USV manufactures such as ACUA Ocean, with a clean energy solution is a key goal of ours, ensuring that new vessels are launched with modern technologies that make sense for our environment. We are delighted to be working with ACUA Ocean and foresee a very exciting future together,” added Rebecca Sharp, Co-Founder and CEO of GENEVOS.


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