GeoAcoustics Secures First Major Order for Its Next Generation Sub-Bottom Profiler

GeoAcoustics Secures First Major Order for Its Next Generation Sub-Bottom Profiler
(L-R) Akram Ali, Managing Director, MER-Subsea and Richard Dowdeswell, Chief Commercial Operator, GeoAcoustics Ltd pictured at Oceanology International 2024. (Image credit: GeoAcoustics)

Hydroacoustic technology manufacturer GeoAcoustics Ltd has already secured the first major order for its next generation Sub-Bottom Profiler following the official launch at Oceanology International 2024. The order comes from GeoAcoustics’ established Middle East channel partner MER-Subsea and will see the first 15 GeoPulse 2 systems exclusively delivered to end-customers across the region.

Commenting on the order Chief Commercial Officer at GeoAcoustics Ltd Richard Dowdeswell said, “We are confident that the new capabilities of GeoPulse 2 will unlock more flexibility and efficiencies for MER-Subsea customers. The GeoAcoustics and GeoPulse names have been recognised for over 40 years as high quality and dependable sub-bottom profiling sonars and we are pleased to continue this long tradition with GeoPulse 2 and MER-Subsea’s roll-out in the Middle East.”

Akram Ali, Managing Director of MER-Subsea added, “MER-Subsea is always looking for new technology to bring to our clients across the Middle East and the GeoPulse 2 is a fantastic product that will have great demand across the region.”

GeoPulse 2 represents a new generation of GeoAcoustics sub-bottom profiling technology. It reaches into deeper waters for the acquisition of essential data for e.g., the development and operation of offshore windfarms. Building upon the legacy of its predecessors, GeoPulse and GeoPulse +, renowned for their unparalleled reliability, durability, and user-friendliness, GeoPulse 2 introduces new abilities that enhance both its operation and data quality.

2 GeoPulse 2 product image

GeoPulse 2 (Image credit: GeoAcoustics)

The system is a drop-in replacement for the industry workhorse GeoPulse Pinger using the 5430A transmitter. It is fully digital and features a variety of waveforms unavailable with the previous generation of GeoPulse Pinger. The GeoPulse 2 is available in 4, 9 or 16 transducer configurations giving an operational depth range down to 5,000m. Achieving resolutions up to 6 cm and penetrating depths of up to 80 meters in fine clay and 20 meters in sand, GeoPulse 2 sets a new benchmark for accuracy and depth penetration.

Because GeoPulse 2 is designed for seamless integration with existing GeoPulse transducers, it offers a cost-effective upgrade path for current owners who can retain their existing cables, splices and transducers. This unlocks the new capabilities of GeoPulse 2 without the cost of replacing all existing equipment, ensuring a smooth transition to the next-generation technology.



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