Greensea IQ Strengthens International Reach with DpeR Consulting Partnership in Israel

(Image credit: Greensea IQ)

Continuing to bolster its global market presence, Greensea IQ, a leading provider of marine robotics software and integrated solutions, proudly announces the appointment of DpeR Consulting as its international consulting firm representing Bayonet autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGVs) in Israel.

This partnership marks another milestone in Greensea IQ’s ongoing global expansion efforts and underscores the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to clients worldwide. With this expansion, Greensea IQ will extend its footprint into Israel, enhancing the accessibility of its advanced surf zone robotics solutions in this key region.

“We are thrilled to partner with DpeR Consulting,” said Rob Howard, Greensea IQ’s Chief Growth Officer. “Their expertise and deep understanding of the Israeli market make them an ideal partner to help us expand our reach and better serve our customers in the region.”

DpeR Consulting brings a wealth of experience and specialized expertise, which will be instrumental in tailoring Greensea IQ’s offerings to meet the unique needs of the Israeli market. Their regional knowledge and established network will be pivotal in fostering strong relationships with local customers and partners.

Founded with a focus on delivering innovative and efficient solutions, DpeR Consulting has a proven track record in the marine and underwater technology sectors. As Greensea IQ’s representative, DpeR Consulting will support sales and provide consultation, training, and support for the Bayonet AUGVs, driving Greensea IQ’s growth and impact in Israel.

Dov Raz, Founder at DpeR Consulting, “We are thrilled to partner with Greensea IQ, a company renowned for its innovation in marine robotics and subsea systems. As their official representative in Israel, we are particularly excited to introduce and promote the Bayonet AUGVs to our market. These advanced technologies will revolutionize maritime operations and offer unparalleled capabilities to our clients.”

He adds, “our appointment as the representative marks a significant milestone in our mission to deliver cutting-edge, sustainable technologies tailored to the unique needs of the Israeli maritime sector. With Greensea IQ, we are committed to enhancing operational efficiency and strategic capabilities for our clients. We look forward to a successful collaboration that will drive innovation and excellence in the maritime industry.”

This new partnership with DpeR Consulting is part of Greensea IQ’s broader strategy to build a robust global network of representatives. By leveraging the expertise of local partners, Greensea IQ continues to advance its mission of developing intelligent ocean solutions and delivering unparalleled value to its customers worldwide.

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