Miros Turns 40 – and Keeps on Pioneering

It is a notable year in the ongoing history of our proud company. In May 2024, Miros turns 40. As much as we can be proud of how far we have come as a business, it is where we are going that matters the most.

As with every landmark, it is a chance for us to look back at four decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries in ocean technology. It is said that life begins at 40, but since our inception we have been at the forefront of the industry, earning trust from global offshore giants through our entrepreneurial dedication, expertise, and pioneering spirit.

A glance back: 40 years of excellence

Our journey at Miros began in May 1984, as a daughter company of Informasjonskontroll dedicated to bringing innovative radar technology for measuring ocean waves and currents to the offshore industry in real-time. Fueled by a desire to enhance the efficiency and safety of offshore operations, our wide variety of ocean instruments have helped to revolutionize the sector, supporting the biggest players in the sector across geographies.

At the same time, Miros has undergone its own transformation. From humble beginnings with just four employees, we have built a strong team of remarkable “Miros Heroes”. It is these people, and all those who have worked for us previously, that have helped Miros to become a beacon of trust and reliability. Over the years, we have accumulated invaluable experience and learnings, evolving every step of the way.

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(Image credit: Miros)

Cloud applications will shape the value of ocean insights

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword; at Miros it is ingrained in our DNA, and it remains core to purpose as we eagerly look towards the future. Despite our decades-long presence in the ocean tech arena, we still refuse to settle. Instead, we apply new technologies and artificial intelligence, develop cloud solutions, and implement as-a-service business models, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our commitment to not just knowing the waves, developing high-level ocean condition forecasting and wave and vessel motion prediction solutions. Defining next generation operational levels has garnered recognition and trust from industry leaders worldwide.

Guided by the values and principles that have shaped us over the years, we are more passionate than ever about refining the future of the offshore sector. Every day we focus on driving change and innovation, constantly exploring new avenues. With value-enabling cloud applications developed in close co-operation with our customers, we lift ocean monitoring technologies to a new level of excellence.

Responsible, sustainable and future-oriented

Miros is dedicated to environmental sustainability, in line with industry efforts to cut carbon emissions in maritime operations.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility have always been a core component of our product and solution developments. Our work has always revolved around what we today call sustainability. Ever since our journey started – providing sea state measurement and oil spill detection services to North Sea operators 40 years ago – Miros systems have reliably collected unique data and time series for ocean modeling and climate research, steadily improving and safeguarding their work.

By equipping vessel operators with real-time ocean conditions, data on fuel consumption, and efficiency, Miros aids in pinpointing areas for improvement and facilitates the adoption of eco-friendly practices. Sharing this data reduces the need for additional measurement campaigns, minimizing extra instrumentation and engineer travel. This not only assists operators in meeting industry regulations, but also aligns with global decarbonization objectives.

People, culture, and collaboration

At the heart of our business lies a solid foundation built on people, culture, technology, and collaboration. Our successes and our plans for the future wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and expertise of our team, whose passion drives us forward. We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration and partnership, working hand in hand with our customers and stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

It is in this spirit of partnership we are helping the industry to stay ahead of the waves with the development of next-generation wave and vessel motion prediction. By shaping this most vital of emerging technological developments and with our people’s surge for the highest level of quality, we will again demonstrate our commitment to remaining at the forefront of the sector.

3 Marius Five Aarset

Marius Five Aarset, Miros CEO. (Image credit: Miros)

Inspiring confidence to shape the future

As we celebrate 40 years of Miros, we are filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for the journey so far. But our work is far from over. With each passing year, we renew our commitment to excellence, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future of ocean technology. Together, let us continue to innovate, inspire, and make waves in the offshore sector.

Join us as we continue to challenge the offshore operation standards with new ideas, new technology and digital business models. We look forward to continuing the successes jointly with our customers and partners; only as a team will we redefine what’s possible and create a powerful perspective for the future of the offshore industry.

Here’s to the next chapter, and to all who embrace our vision and are eager to share joint success.

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