Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Announces 2024 Selections for Its Accelerator Program

(Image credit: Ryan Rose)

The Offshore Wind Innovation Hub announced its selection of the 2024 companies that will receive support to further develop their ideas and advance offshore wind’s potential in New York.

Six companies were selected from a pool of 78 applicants based on the novelty of their solutions that will help propel the United States to the forefront of offshore wind technology.

Launched in January 2023, the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub is led by Equinor in collaboration with Urban Future Lab at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the National Offshore Wind R&D Consortium (NOWRDC) supported by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).

The 2024 Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Accelerator Cohort:

  • Boxkite Software (Bristol, UK) – Bankable-level accuracy energy yield assessments in minutes to assess site feasibility and design
  • Claviate (Aarhus, DK) – Visual data platform enabled by AI cameras for transparency and process optimization of construction management
  • Indeximate (Hinckley, UK) – Fiber optic sensing for predictive maintenance of subsea power cables by remotely profiling integrity and condition
  • Pliant Energy Systems (Brooklyn, US) – Autonomous underwater vehicle with robotic propulsion technology enabling new seafloor surveying capabilities
  • Sensatek (Daytona Beach, US) – Structural health monitoring of turbine blades by using video images where every pixel is a vibration sensor
  • Triton Anchor (Boston, US) – Low cost, silently installed, modular foundation installation system allowing for any mooring configuration

The evaluation process to select the six companies was based on rigorous technical interviews and public presentations held on May 15th in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The winners will take on a six-month mentoring and business development program residency designed to prepare them for strategic partnerships with major offshore wind developers, suppliers, and the wider offshore wind value chain. The program aims to enable innovators to overcome barriers to adoption and continue to successfully commercialize their solutions in New York and beyond.

Image1 YAN7108 1536x768

Reamonn Soto, Founder & CEO, Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. (Image credit: Ryan Rose)

“Pliant believes that the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub accelerator will be a key partner as we move towards commercializing our technology first in New York City, then across the region and the world. Experts from the program’s sponsors will give us invaluable insight into the market as we look to define the best product-market fit for our propulsion technology. In addition, gaining access to the water and relevant test environments in New York City is structurally difficult and typically requires relationships with key stakeholders that this accelerator can help facilitate,” says Russell Bingham, Head of Product & Lead Robotics Engineer at Pliant Energy Systems.

“Boxkite is enthusiastic about expanding our US footprint, and we see the mentorship and support provided by the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub accelerator program as pivotal to our growth. In particular, we hope to benefit both from being able to have a local presence in the Brooklyn office space and from the mentorship to help improve our understanding of individual customers’ needs within the US offshore wind sector and understand the difference in both business culture and regulations between the UK and the US, ” says Joanne Colls, Co-Founder at Boxkite.

“I’m thrilled to see the continued success of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub helping to foster an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation of problem solvers,” says Molly Morris, President Equinor Renewables Americas. “This impressive cohort partnered with the support of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub will undoubtedly usher in game-changing solutions for the entire offshore wind industry.”

NYSERDA President and CEO Doreen M. Harris said, “NYSERDA congratulates the winning companies and applauds them for developing forward-thinking, innovative solutions that will play an integral role in advancing the State’s offshore wind industry. Equinor’s commitment to the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub and its partners is helping to break barriers, bring forward economic opportunity, and accelerate progress toward New York’s climate and clean energy goals.”

“We have seen an incredibly strong field of applicants this year, allowing us to select six companies with immense potential for impact and scalability,” says Tone Søndergaard, Director of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub with Urban Future Lab at NYU Tandon NYU Tandon School of Engineering. “We can’t wait to start working with the companies as they begin the program later this June and support them in their endeavors to bring novel technology to Brooklyn and the industry.”

In 2024, the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub’s cohort selection process focused on innovations that can improve the project economics of US offshore wind. The evaluation criteria, therefore, emphasized economic impact, including scalability, market traction, and potential local impact of solutions. Cohort companies will be individually paired with knowledgeable Equinor mentors and gain industry-specific guidance on technology development from NOWRDC.

The Offshore Wind Innovation Hub is based in Brooklyn and has a mission to advance an inclusive supply chain and accelerate a green economy. Cohort companies will also benefit from NYCEDC’s extensive involvement in piloting and innovation activities throughout the city. Urban Future Lab and NYU Tandon School of Engineering bring extensive experience in hands-on startup support and a vast network of ecosystem partners. All to support innovators on their journey to scaling up and commercializing climate solutions.

Image2 ROSE7756 1 1024x512

Tone Søndergaard, Director of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub, welcomes guests at the Wind-Win Startup Showdown. (Image credit: Ryan Rose)

“The caliber of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub’s second cohort speaks to the program’s success and our shared goal of harnessing the entrepreneurial power of New Yorkers to accelerate the growth of New York City’s offshore wind industry,” said New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) Chief Operating Officer Melissa Román Burch. “The Hub supports entrepreneurs with industry-specific partnerships, piloting opportunities, and mentorship for early-stage climate companies, which are integral to growing the green economy. NYCEDC congratulates this new cohort and looks forward to seeing these cutting-edge startups grow their footprint across our five-borough climate tech ecosystem.”

“We have reached a significant milestone in our mission to drive innovation and excellence in the offshore wind industry with the selection of these six companies for this year’s accelerator program. These companies exemplify the cutting-edge technology and visionary thinking necessary to propel offshore wind development. At the National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium, we look forward to supporting this cohort as they navigate the path from innovative concepts to market-ready technologies,” said Lyndie Hice-Dunton, Executive Director at National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium.

“Today’s announcement showcases what is possible when academia partners work with government and private industry. The potential that these six companies bring to the offshore wind sector will make New York City a hub for this expanding market, enhance Tandon’s Sustainable Engineering Initiative, and continue to make sustainability an economic development driver in New York State,” said Linda Ng Boyle, Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering; Vice Dean for Research, NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

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