SeaCatalog Simplifies Selling Subsea and Oceanographic Products Online

Okeanus Science & Technology, LLC has launched its online marketplace. Through SeaCatalog, suppliers of subsea survey and oceanographic equipment and products sell to a targeted audience of online customers.

SeaCatalog offers customers a simple, convenient resource to purchase products from multiple manufacturers, simplifying sourcing and decreasing procurement expenses. Customers are able to search for gear, interact with manufacturers, receive quotations, and make purchases through SeaCatalog’s shopping platform.

“SeaCatalog’s goal is to be the single place for customers to go to equip a team or vessel to undertake a survey or other scientific project in the marine environment,” said Benton LeBlanc, President of Okeanus.

Customers of SeaCatalog will also be able to obtain rental quotes from Okeanus for scientific equipment in its inventory.

“We’re extremely excited to see SeaCatalog launched and open for business,” stated LeBlanc. “It opens an entirely new channel for equipment providers to broaden their customer reach and makes it easier for them to access markets that they may not otherwise have entrance to.”

“Having watched the tremendous changes that have occurred in our industry over the last forty-five years, I can say that an e-commerce site like SeaCatalog is long overdue,” added Ted Brockett, Okeanus’ CEO. “From the perspective of a marine equipment manufacturer or system integrator, the concept of “one-stop-shopping” is very appealing. I believe that SeaCatalog represents a great sales tool for all of us who develop and manufacture products for the industry, as well as a powerful resource for end users and buyers.”

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