Over 450 NEMOs Deployed for Project SEFHIER!

Over 450 NEMOs Deployed for Project SEFHIER!
Woods Hole Group’s NEMO.

Woods Hole Group, Inc., based on Cape Cod, MA, is a type-approved supplier to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for all federal fisheries waters in the USA.

A new federal fisheries program, the first of its kind to feature cellular VMS (vessel monitoring system) beacons, known as the SEFHIER Program (Southeast For-Hire Electronic Reporting), came into effect on March 1, 2022. This new regulation requires all federally permitted charter fishing vessels to install a type-approved VMS tracking device. (NEMO: NOAA Type-Approved VMS for the Gulf of Mexico SEFHIER Program)

Captain Troy Frady, from Orange Beach, AL, owns and operates “Distraction” a 41’ fishing charter boat, and was quoted saying, “The NEMO gives charter fishing guides the comfort of knowing that our real time/in season quota monitoring data is collected, so fishery managers can make better informed decisions on managing and helping rebuild overfished fish stocks.”

NEMO, manufactured by Woods Hole Group’s parent company, CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites), the global leader in sustainable fisheries management solutions, has specifically designed this new VMS beacon, with a unique feature set and compelling price point. NEMO’s hybrid design features very affordable cellular connectivity coupled with a satellite (back-up) option, that can help assist fisherman in need while at sea. NEMO features a distress and assistance button, Bluetooth and a self-sustaining solar panel, making it a unique and attractive option for coastal state and regional fisheries programs. You can buy multiple NEMOs for the cost of 1 traditional VMS unit. The ongoing operating costs are also a breath of fresh air for fishermen and regulators alike.

Woods Hole Group’s Sustainable Fisheries Management Business Unit Vice President, Nick Salvi, said “we are very pleased with the initial feedback from the fishermen, who really like NEMO’s price point and unique feature set. NEMO has had a significant adoption rate here in the Gulf of Mexico and is the easiest VMS beacon to install available on the marketplace today, making it less costly for the fishermen. It’s been a pleasure to work with the charter fishing industry members, the Gulf Council and NMFS’ Southeast Regional office. Our understanding is there are still several hundred permitted vessels that need a VMS solution. We are pleased to be a supplier to the SEFHIER Program thus far.”



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