Distributed Offshore Robotics Operations

Distributed Offshore Robotics Operations
(Image credit: HonuWorx)

The methods for controlling offshore subsea robotic systems from shore are changing rapidly. Increasing costs, the need for more operational flexibility and most recently reducing offshore personnel due to COVID-19 are just a few of the drivers for increasing onshore access to offshore operations. 

Onshore operations of subsea vehicles have been generally limited to the larger integrated service companies, or to geographies where high bandwidth marine communications are available. There’s been limited uptake of remote operations even for non-pilot/technician tasks such as inspection and observation. Some of these barriers to wider adoption include the Initial investment in and dependency on central “bricks-and-mortar” control facilities, a complex communications landscape and fragmented contracting arrangements. Many of today’s systems are also constrained to control a single vehicle type. 

HonuWorx Approach – Distributed On-Shore Control and Collaboration

HonuWorx logo greenHonuWorx offers a Distributed Control Center (DCC) solution to build upon the successes of existing over-the-horizon subsea robotics systems and address the main limitations that have prevented wider adoption of the technology. The DCC is a cloud-based subsea robot control system that will evolve to offer platform agnostic control functionality. 

Already the company is delivering a fully integrated service that provides observation tools like live video streaming and control of offshore inspection software for activities like remote inspection, remote survey, virtual safety visits, and remote technical support.

Access via a cloud portal and an embedded team collaboration suite allows a geographically distributed team of experts to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. 

There are significant benefits in HonuWorx ‘sdistributed solution for offshore operations:

  • Reduce bed space and travel requirements offshore by keeping technical experts onshore.
  • Standalone offshore communications – no interfaces required to client infrastructure or waiting in line for the internet room.
  • Enhanced onshore-offshore communications early in the mobilization of the ROV – tech support, mentoring, safety moments.
  • Rapidly “popped-up” onshore in any location – no central facility required.
  • Multiple locations and companies have real-time, secure access to the operation – users can be added at appropriate times. 

To learn more about HonuWorx’s offering and how Distributed Control Center can help your operations, click here.


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