DWTEK ROV I90 Wins 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award

DWTEK ROV I90 Wins 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award
(Image credit: DWTEK)

The 33rd "Taiwan Excellence Award" has been announced, and the global leader in Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), DWTEK, has distinguished itself among 948 entries.

DWTEK received the award for their observation-class ROV, the I90. The Taiwan Excellence Award is often likened to the Oscars of the product industry and is established by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, known for its strict selection process and emphasis on product innovation. This year, the Ministry of Economic Affairs invited over 140 domestic experts to conduct comprehensive evaluations based on four major professional categories: "Research and Development," "Design," "Quality," and "Marketing," while also considering the "Made in Taiwan" criteria. After a rigorous three-month evaluation process, they selected industrydefining products and bestowed upon them the Taiwan Excellence honor.

2 ROV i90 with Manip(Image credit: DWTEK)


DWTEK has been involved in underwater technology for many years, starting in 2008 with the development and production of ROVs, underwater connectors, underwaterrelated components, and providing services related to offshore wind farms and vessel services. The award-winning ROV I90 is an observation-class vehicle, capable of operating at depths of up to 1,000 meters underwater. Its high expandability allows the simultaneous installation of positioning systems, cameras, lights, manipulators, and cleaning brushes, significantly increasing underwater productivity, and opening up broader application possibilities for users.

In addition to its excellent expandability, the I90 demonstrates mature technology in system integration, ensuring high stability of mechanical components and electronic control systems when operating underwater.

3 DWTEK(Image credit: DWTEK)

Moreover, the I90 is one of the very few ROVs in Taiwan that have received "dual-level recognition," combining the characteristics of domestically developed and manufactured products. It has also been successfully exported as a commercial-grade vehicle to countries such as the United States, Sweden, Japan, and Turkey, and has obtained CE certification. Currently, the I90 is actively involved in the Taiwan offshore wind farm market, contributing to tasks such as underwater inspection and O&M of wind turbines, and playing a crucial role in the energy transition.


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