Asso.subsea and Nexans Join Forces on Historic Celtic Interconnector Project

(Image credit: Asso.subsea/Nexans)

Asso.subsea, a global leader in the submarine cable installation field, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Nexans, a world-renowned submarine cable manufacturer, to undertake the subsea burial operations for the groundbreaking Celtic Interconnector project, under development by EirGrid, the operator and developer of Ireland’s electricity grid, and its French counterpart, Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE). This ambitious venture is set to become Ireland’s first power connection with continental Europe, boasting a total capacity of 700 MW, and will facilitate the import and export of electricity sufficient to power 450,000 homes.

The Celtic Interconnector spans an impressive 575 km, constituting a high voltage direct current connection across the Celtic Sea, from east Cork to the north-west coast of Brittany, France. Asso.subsea, leveraging its expertise and experience, assumes a pivotal role in designing and executing one of the project’s most challenging marine aspects, which will be divided into three distinct campaigns.

The initial campaign, scheduled for 2024, will include boulder clearance and pre-trenching activities. Subsequent campaigns are planned for 2025 and 2026, focusing on post-trenching operations. Asso.subsea’s Trenching Support Vessels Aethra, Athena and Argo, renowned for their reliability in harsh environments, along with advanced seabed preparation equipment and AssoTrencher IV series mechanical trenchers, will be deployed to ensure the project’s success. The AssoJet III, Asso’s newest jetting remote operated vehicle (ROV), will also play a crucial role in supporting the operation, by offering the required flexibility to address a diverse range of underwater tasks.

Asso.subsea’s Project Director of Interconnectors, Mr. Giannis Kyrzidis stated: “We are thrilled to collaborate once more with Nexans, on yet another noteworthy project, as it has been identified as one of the most critical energy infrastructure projects in Ireland and France for this decade. By supporting the development of a more sustainable electricity mix and facilitating cross-border electricity flows on a European scale, Asso.subsea actively contributes to the realization of the EU’s goals for affordable, secure, and sustainable energy.”

The Celtic Interconnector project serves as a catalyst for enhancing Europe’s energy security. Beyond its significant environmental impact, the initiative aims to reduce electricity costs for consumers in both Ireland and France. Aligned with the European Union’s vision of achieving electrical solidarity, the project is co-funded by the EU through its Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and holds the prestigious designation of a Project of Common Interest (PCI).

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