Optimizing Safety, Sustainability & Efficiency with 24shore Cable ReelFrame™ Solution

Optimizing Safety, Sustainability & Efficiency with 24shore Cable ReelFrame™ Solution

24shore Cable has announced the launch of the ReelFrame™, a new solution for the loading and transportation of cables.

This innovative, DNV-GL type approved product makes cable logistics safer, increasingly efficient, and more environmentally friendly. The company, part of the XELLZ Group, is planning to commercialize the ReelFrame during 2023.

Simplifying cable logistics

The ReelFrame™ is designed as an answer to the age-old challenges of cable transportation and loading/unloading. Typically, relatively short cable lengths have been transported to site using a truck. Once on location, the transport is taken out of circulation during the lengthy process of unloading the cable with a crane.

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Much to gain with no crane

24shore Cable’s ReelFrame™ simplifies the process considerably. The loading and unloading process is carried out quickly, in all weather conditions, using just a truck and multi-axle trailer. The transport system is swiftly returned to work, lowering the costs of the operation and freeing up valuable space on site.

With lifting eliminated, the risk of incidents is minimized. This, combined with the ReelFrame’s™ stable design footprint in resting position, ensures the increased safety of operations.

Reducing the weak spots

Another feature of the ReelFrame™ is its ability to support longer cable lengths. It has the capacity to handle reels up to 100 tonnes, or more, in weight. For underground HV cables, this is equal to over 2 kilometers of cable.

This results in a reduced number of cable joints. With less weak spots in the cable, the ReelFrame™ sponsors a reduction in required maintenance.

A boost for sustainability

This increased efficiency and reduced reliance on lifting equipment offers considerably improved cost-efficiency, lowering the costs of cable logistics by up to 40%. Additionally, with no cranes used, the carbon footprint is reduced by in the region of 45%.

XELLZ CEO Peter Bouwhuis: “As a company, we are always looking to engage with new ideas to improve logistics in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We are proud to announce the launch of the ReelFrame™, which achieves these aims by simplifying the process of transportation and loading of cable-reels, ensuring suitability for modern operations. We are particularly pleased that the ReelFrame becomes available at a time when it can support the energy transition, optimizing efficiency on the many renewable energy projects that will take place in the coming years”.




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