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GNSS Compass | Satellite Compass


The GNSS Compass is a plug-and-play GNSS/INS navigation and heading solution. It is commonly used in both marine and autonomous agriculture applications.

Main specifications:

  • Roll & Pitch 0.4 °
  • Position Accuracy (RTK) 0.01 m
  • Heading 0.2 °
  • Update Rate 200 Hz

GNSS Compass is an all-in-one GNSS/INS navigation and heading solution.It provides accurate dual-antenna GPS-based heading that is not subject to magnetic interference and can maintain accurate heading during GNSS outages of up to 20 minutes. It features high accuracy 1cm RTK positioning and is plug and play with NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, and Ethernet interfaces.

Full specifications and features a https://www.advancednavigation.com/inertial-navigation-systems/satellite-compass/gnss-compass/


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