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VideoRay Scout Economy ROV System (NTSC)

The VideoRay Scout Economy ROV System (NTSC) is a remote-operated underwater vehicle and camera system for professionals. The system consists of an advanced Scout control panel, 40 m Professional Performance Tether and a Scout submersible rigged with a camera and lighting equipment. The Scout submersible has two brushed thrusters for horizontal propulsion and one for vertical propulsion. With a maximum speed of 1.9 knots and a 250' depth rating, the Scout submersible was designed to meet the challenges of professional applications at an affordable price.

Inside the submersible's central pressure hull, a forward facing camera is securely fixed. Optimized for underwater use, the wide angle camera features 420 lines of resolution and ample horizontal/diagonal viewing angles. An optional recording device will be required in order to capture the camera's video feed. In darker water, visibility and image quality are improved by dual 20W, high-efficiency halogen lights. With each light mounted on an opposite side of the central hull, the camera receives balanced illumination from the left and right. Adjustments to each halogen's incandescence can be made from the surface via the Scout's Variable Intensity Control. The link between the Scout ROV and its surface control panel is a neutrally buoyant, 40 m Professional Performance Tether. It's 8.2mm in diameter, dent tolerant up to 1000 lb, and acts as an avenue for control signals and power voltage - maxing out at 48 V DC.

From the surface, an operator uses the Scout's control panel to guide the submersible ROV. The control panel features an integrated joystick, depth control knob and 7" color display. There is no depth sensor on the Scout. As an added convenience, the entire Economy ROV System packs into one portable, hard-shell, watertight and durable Pelican 1620 Case with a custom interior.


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