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VideoRay Scout Underwater ROV (NTSC)

Explore beneath the water's surface and stream live NTSC video to your boat without getting wet using the entry-level VideoRay Scout Underwater ROV, which features a 250' depth rating. This portable remote-operated vehicle allows you to study marine life and environments and perform inspections under your boat. It is an entry-level model designed primarily for recreation and leisure activities in calm waters. This is the submersible vehicle only, without the required control panel with display and the tether that powers the ROV and connects it to this control unit.

The ROV is propelled by 1 vertical and 2 horizontal thrusters and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 1.9 knots. It is configured with an onboard 0.25MP camera with 420 lines of resolution and a 1/3" CCD image sensor. A wide 140° angle of view lets you fit wrecks, coral reefs, and large sealife in frame despite the minimized field of view underwater. An optional recording device will be required in order to capture the camera's video feed. In darker water, two 20W halogen lamps with variable intensity illuminate the world below the water's surface, in order to improve visibility and image quality. Built for durability, the ROV is constructed from anodized aluminum to resist corrosion.


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