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VideoRay Voyager Underwater ROV System

Explore beneath the water's surface and stream live video without getting wet using the Voyager Underwater ROV System from VideoRay. This portable remote-operated vehicle sits at the top of their entry-level offerings. It features a 250' depth rating, and allows you to study marine life and environments or perform inspections under your boat. The vehicle is equipped with a color camera capable of tilting vertically 160°. Additionally, the supplied tether measuring 130' in length connects the submersible ROV to the topside control unit, which includes a primary 7" LCD monitor showing the live video feed and a secondary LCD showing depth, compass heading, and run time.

Improving on the VideoRay Explorer ROV, the Voyager boasts much larger, more powerful horizontal thrusters and a larger, more powerful vertical thruster--enabling a surface speed of 2.9 knots, compared to the Explorer's 1.9. Variable-intensity halogen lighting provides ample illumination as you navigate in dark conditions. Both the thrusters and lights can be controlled via knobs on the topside unit. The control panel also features a composite video out jack for connecting an optional video recording device. This ROV system runs on 100-240 VAC power, so you can plug it in and work or play as long as you like without having to think about battery life. A basic tool kit with complete ballast set is included. All components of the system fit into a watertight, rolling Pelican 1620 case for convenient storage and transportation.

Easy to use and similar to a video game in operation, the Voyager ROV can be mastered in only a little time in a calm environment. After that, you'll be ready to embark on your voyage--staying safe and dry on your boat while exploring the wonders of the underwater world.


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