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  • Cathx Ocean Ltd

Cathx Ocean Ltd

M7 Business Park, County Kildare, Ireland

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Cathx Ocean design and manufacture advanced subsea imaging and precision measurement systems for subsea operations. Designed to meet stringent technical, operational and integration requirements associated with various subsea applications and vehicle types, Cathx Ocean’s systems offer precision, reliability and peace of mind. Products include advanced still imaging, colour laser point cloud and video systems, designed to deliver precision subsea data in a way that allows automation for unmanned vehicle operations.

The range includes the HUNTER system (AUV Imaging and Laser), the SCOUT system (Observation Class ROV Imaging and Laser Profiling), the Pathfinder system (Work Class ROV Imaging and Laser Profiling) and the PROWLER systems (Towed Vehicle Imaging Range and Scale Measurement).

Ireland: +353 (0) 45 252 786
UK: +44 (0) 1224 432 180
USA: +1 (617) 366 7161
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M7 Business Park, County Kildare, Ireland

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Frank Lennon (+)

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