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  • FarSounder, Inc.

FarSounder, Inc.

United States
+1 401-216-8390

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FarSounder products keep you and your vessel safe. We came together in 2001 because we believed that there should be a simple tool that could show you where on the water it is safe to navigate. Since then, our sonar systems have been used around the world, and our philosophy hasn’t changed - your vessel is more than just a way to get from A to B. It empowers you to enjoy the things that you are passionate about, to explore new places, and to share that thrill of exploration with the ones you love. And it’s because of you and that sense of adventure, that we care so much about what we do. Wherever you decide to travel, FarSounder will help get you there safely.
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8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997