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  • Glenair


United States

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Glenair is a privately-held company founded in 1956 whose strengths include ISO 9001 process quality, full-spectrum product lines, fast "turnaround" on quotes and custom orders, unsurpassed sales and technical support in every major market in the world, and the industry's largest standing inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec, Subsea, and Aerospace electrical and fiber optic connectors and accessories. As an original equipment manufacturer Glenair provides electrical and fiber optic inter-connects for geophysical/undersea exploration, oil field environments down-hole drilling, and more. From ruggedized power connectors to glass-sealed hermetics, to Ex rated connectors, to Well-Master™ 260 high-temp Micro-D to Fiber Interconnect to 10Kpsi SeaKing and Super G55, our connectors survive the toughest, deepest, coldest, hottest, and dirtiest application environments.
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Stuart, FL 34997