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  • Jaia Robotics, Inc.

Jaia Robotics, Inc. Claimed

Newport, Rhode Island 02840, United States

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The JaiaBot system is easy to operate, rugged and reliable, requiring minimal user training with wide-ranging capabilities, resulting in a very low total ownership cost. Jaia Robotics has world leading experience in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) design and production, payload integration and marine services. Jaia Robotics also provides comprehensive data collection services - JaiaBots as a Service (JaaS) - for customers who need the data and don’t want to make the capital investment to own JaiaBot systems. The field team will work with customers to identify their needs, configure the system sensors to collect the required data, plan the missions and operate the vehicles. data can be provided in a variety of formats including HDF5, CSV and XML for ingestion into post processing tools.
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Newport, Rhode Island 02840, United States

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Ocean News & Technology
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8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997