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  • Mariner Underwater Electronics

Mariner Underwater Electronics

20 Pilis, Pireas, 185 32, Greece
(+30) 210 4100658

Business Details

Mariner Underwater Electronics was founded in 1980 with its purpose being the construction and development of high technology electronics. However in 1990 the company started specializing in high technology electronics for underwater activities and aimed all its attention to this field. The company’s main activity is the production of Video Inspection Systems,Cameras,Communication Equipment,Lights and Headphones,all for underwater use. In addition ,Mariner Underwater Electronics is proud to announce the development and construction of it’s first R.O.V. named “ IPPODAMUS” The company also imports and provides to its clients all underwater electronic equipment it does not produce f.e. other ROV’s,Video Overlay Systems,Sensors etc for which it also undertakes its maintenance,repair and service.It also accepts and delivers custom made orders to its clients according to the requirements set by them.The excellent results can be verified by the long list of customers. Moreover MARINER is the sole representative and/or distributor in Greece of TRITECH, SAAB SEAEYE,FALMAT,HARDIGG and many more.
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20 Pilis, Pireas, 185 32, Greece

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