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  • Ocean Innovations

Ocean Innovations

7416 Cabrillo Avenue, San Diego, California 92037, United States

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Whether you’re just looking for an underwater pluggable connector, a new sonar, or assistance with designing a custom pressure housing or ROV system, Ocean Innovations can help. We represent many of the leading manufacturers of underwater equipment and marine technology. The products we provide are used by oceanographic researchers, commercial, military and scientific divers, hydrographic surveyors, environmental engineers, defense contractors, and the offshore industry. Let us help with your search for the ideal ROV, sonar, altimeter, connector, pressure housing, ADCP, CTD, underwater camera, light, pressure relief valve, winch, or other oceanographic component.
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7416 Cabrillo Avenue, San Diego, California 92037, United States

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Ocean News & Technology
is a publication of TSC Strategic

8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997