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Valeport Ltd

Saint Peter Quay, Totnes, TQ9 5EW, United Kingdom

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Valeport provides leading-edge marine sensing and monitoring solutions. We are a British manufacturer of hydrographic and oceanographic instrumentation, which includes: Bathymetry, CTD & Environmental, Current, Sound Velocity and Tide Gauges.

Valeport has supplied the subsea sector for over fifty years, supporting the hydrographic and oceanographic communities with a comprehensive portfolio of products that deliver highly innovative solutions.

Valeport’s worldwide customer base that includes the environmental monitoring, water survey, energy, dredging, civil engineering and scientific research sectors.

Our philosophy of keeping development and manufacturing entirely in-house, assures our customers of our expertise and commitment to providing the highest levels of quality, performance and service.

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Saint Peter Quay, Totnes, TQ9 5EW, United Kingdom

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