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Xeos Technologies Inc. Claimed

36 Topple Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1L6, Canada

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Telemetry Tracking Equipment and Solutions We design and manufacture telemetry and data collection products for reliable & innovative ways to track, monitor and control moorings, buoys and autonomous vehicles in harsh environments. There are no second chances. Your data and research involves detailed planning, preparation, and financial commitment. Using the best equipment to enhance and secure the assets you have in the field makes sense - logistically and financially. Xeos Technologies understands that data loss is not an option. Xeos equipment is the product of decades of experience designing for the harshest marine environments, from icy swells to tropical depths. Our products feature a variety of communication and location technologies, such as Iridium, ARGOS, GPS, and RF which are used to create high quality, rugged, reliable, functional, and accessible tools that go where you need them to.
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36 Topple Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1L6, Canada

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