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Notilo Plus Claimed

61 Boulevard des Dames, Marseille, 13002, France

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Notilo Plus makes underwater data easy with: - a mini-AUV solution "SEASAM" for autonomous underwater inspection - Notilo Cloud solution to automatically generate localized reports, track change over time and provide predictive maintenance insights Seasam solution is offered in varioud maritime fields such as inshore and offshore underwater works, UWILD and Remote inspection techniques, ship hull inspection, infrastructure autonomous monitoring or diver monitoring, as well as Defense, Ocean science and Search and Rescue. Our goal is to provide professionals with a comprehensive and smart subsea solution that will assist them in their mission. Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is the first system you can use both as a wireless autonomous underwater drone as well as a stable tethered ROV. By combining high-end hardware and custom software developed in-house, Notilo Plus came up with a versatile and reliable solution to your underwater challenges. Compact and agile, Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is powered by state-of-the-art AI that allows it to easily track and follow targets, follow predetermined paths, autonomously inspect large surface areas using advanced servoing and more.
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61 Boulevard des Dames, Marseille, 13002, France

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