April Company Spotlight – Kystdesign AS

Kystdesign AS: 20 Years’ Experience In The Deep


Subsea company Kystdesign AS has had the Norwegian continental shelf as its nearest neighbor for 20 years and has demonstrated the ability to deliver complete ROV solutions to the oil and energy industry at a time of rapid change in the market in terms of both water depths and technological demands.

Kystdesign’s new workshop facility with various ROVs by the new test pool.

Kystdesign’s new workshop facility with various ROVs by the new test pool.

Solid Experience

Norway’s Kystdesign, which translates as Coastal Design, is far from the biggest company supplying offshore ROV services to the oil and energy sector. Size has never been an objective.Kystdesign’s goal is to offer customers the best possible solutions.During its 20 years in the industry, the company has grown slowly and remained focused on what it does best— complete solutions based on solid technical knowledge and operational experience.

“I was an ROV pilot myself for several years and stood on the aft deck far out at sea, trying to fix things that didn’t work or were hard to maintain,” says Erik Kold Bakkevig, managing director and owner of Kystdesign. “I have also worked as a technical manager for ROV operators. That experience gives us a unique foundation for making equipment that is tailored to operations. Our customers can’t afford to lose time on equipment that doesn’t work or is difficult to maintain. Good design means functionality and predictability.”

New Building with a Test Basin

Kystdesign recently moved into a new building, which was designed and built to meet the company’s needs.

“We have all of our professional disciplines in-house when it comes to engineering of mechanical, control systems, hydraulics, and electronics. That gives us total control,” says Bakkevig. “These disciplines working in tight cooperation leads to final products that are more complete and comprehensive.”

The new production hall includes an impressive test basin, measuring 12 by 8 m and a full 10 m deep.

One end of the basin has an observation room that can look out from a depth of five meters. Pilots can sit there with a unique view of tests through a 2 x 3 meter window.A treatment plant ensures constantly clear water, so the basin is always full and ready for use without waiting for preparation.

Supporter and Constructor ROVs

Kystdesign’s main products are its Supporter and Constructor Work Class ROVs. The Supporter Work Class is very compact, is 150 Hp, and has so far been the most popular of Kystdesign’s ROVs. The Constructor Work Class is the most powerful, with 220 Hp.Kystdesign has already delivered a Supporter with a 6,000-m water depth rating. At the moment, another Supporter with a 6,000-m rating is ready for testing.All relevant components are pressure-tested in a tank prior to mounting on the ROV to ensure that depth ratings are maintained.

“Our ROVs are extremely robust and reliable,” says Bakkevig. “That, in tandem with the ROV being very maintenance friendly, has won us a lot of praise from users. We have a strong focus on customer support and enable customers to talk directly with the development engineer rather than an outside sales representative.That direct contact, in combination with our extensive stock of spare parts, is greatly appreciated by our customers,” says Bakkevig.

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