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 Trilogy HSE is a veteran-owned small business that offers emergency medical training, hyperbaric training, and medical personnel support for virtually any situation. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Trilogy HSE offers its training programs throughout Florida, across the United States at hosted locations, and internationally by request. Trilogy HSE is actively living its mission of enhancing public safety by delivering nationally accredited medical training programs and courses to the public safety community.

Trilogy HSE’s emergency medical training programs not only meet but exceed the national standard curriculum while providing emergency responders valuable, life-saving training. Trilogy HSE provides internationally recognized and accepted certifications from the American Heart Association, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology, among others. The training and medical care provided by Trilogy HSE is second to none. Trilogy provides training and certification for all levels of public safety personnel responsible for waterborne and land operations. Certification programs include Emergency Medical Responder, Remote Medical Care/Critical Care Provider, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine, and Dive Medical Technician Programs. Training programs are open to fire departments, law enforcement agencies, EMS systems, military, security, and civilian personnel.

The medical directors at Trilogy HSE are a combination of experienced anesthesiologist, hyperbaric medicine, and EMS medical directors. These directors provide Trilogy HSE’s clients with 24/7 telemedicine support for training and onsite medical coverage. Trilogy HSE’s personnel are experienced paramedics from the military, civilian EMS, and fire service that have been carefully recruited based on their education, experience, and teaching ability.

The numerous training courses offered include real-world scenarios and training, while being grounded in current theory. From basic courses to advanced training, Trilogy HSE teaches skills that will make a difference. A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever–for families, friends, communities, and coworkers too. Occupational injuries can provoke major crises for the families and businesses in which they occur. The emergency medicine courses from Trilogy HSE can positively affect the chances of your staff getting home safely.

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In addition to training, Trilogy provides 24/7 Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) and Hyperbaric Support (DMT) personnel worldwide on short notice. Trilogy HSE’s emergency care protocols are progressive and up to date with industry standards. Personnel are available for onshore or offshore assignments and have the support of our on call 24/7 telemedicine department. Physician medical directors are just a phone call away and ready to provide the best telemedicine support available. Trilogy HSE medical support services include clinic/base camp operations, providing aeromedical evacuation support and coordination, staffing emergency physicians, nurses, and HSE/Paramedic/DMT personnel, and 24/7 telemedicine support. Trilogy HSE is your one-call solution for all your emergency medical staffing and training solutions.

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