ARMADA Marine Robotics Wins Spot in the Emerge Accelerator

ARMADA Marine Robotics Wins Spot in the Emerge Accelerator
(Image credit: ARMADA Marine Robotics)

ARMADA Marine Robotics has won a spot in the Emerge Accelerator sponsored by the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), a unit within the Department of Defense (DoD). The NSIN Emerge Accelerator establishes partnerships with universities and small businesses to create new dual-use ventures that can serve both government and commercial markets.

The ventures are based on existing university intellectual property corresponding to the DoD’s urgent and critical areas of technology development.

Armada 2905275952The 12-week Emerge program offers participants funding to accelerate venture creation and technology transition. The program also offers access to feedback, advisors, and potential partners from the DoD and private industry. While pursuing federal and commercial markets is highly encouraged, the NSIN Emerge Accelerator excels at providing new ventures with the baseline knowledge necessary to do business with the federal government and the private sector.

Rusty Warren, CEO of ARMADA, said “We are excited to have been selected by NSIN for this unique program. ARMADA will benefit by learning from experienced mentors, deepening our understanding of market opportunities and identifying partners within the DoD who can help us transition our technologies into products that enhance national security.”

ARMADA is a spinout from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with a primary focus on the commercialization of innovative technologies for underwater vehicles that were developed at WHOI.

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