JFD Celebrates Qualification of Submarine Rescue Vehicle Pilot 1

Rescue Service Technician Tony Tang Kok Yong has qualified as the first Singaporean Submarine Rescue Vehicle Pilot 1 within the James Fisher Singapore Submarine Rescue Service (JFSSRS) system. (Image credit: JFD)

As the world’s leading underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defense diving markets, JFD, part of James Fisher and Sons plc (James Fisher), celebrates that Rescue Service Technician Tony Tang Kok Yong has qualified as the first Singaporean Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) Pilot 1.

This achievement demonstrates James Fisher’s commitment to developing the local community and its home market capability in Singapore. Tony becomes the first Singaporean SRV Pilot to complete the intensive training program and pursue this specialist career.

With this qualification, he will join James Fisher’s pool of SRV pilots and further strengthen its ability to respond to a submarine emergency globally, especially across the Indo-Pacific region.

Derick Tan, Singapore Operations Manager, JFD, said: “Tony has demonstrated the necessary requirements and competence required to qualify in this vaunted position and therefore becomes the first Singaporean to qualify as a pilot within the James Fisher Singapore Submarine Rescue Service (JFSSRS) system.

2 Tony Tang

Commander Third Flotilla (C3F) from the RSN presenting the P1 certificate to Tony. (Image credit: JFD)

“He has continued to overcome recent disruptions following the pandemic, which illustrates just how driven he was to succeed. This, coupled with his excellent technical knowledge of matters concerning the rescue SRV, makes him a remarkable asset to JFD.

“We are proud to have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Tony as part of our Singapore submarine rescue capability and welcome him to the brotherhood of rescue submersible pilots.

“JFD thanks the Republic of Singapore Navy for their support to the rescue service and for providing training opportunities to maintain competency and develop the team for the benefit of the service and the global ability to perform submarine rescue.” Tony qualified on DSAR-6, an SRV delivered to Singapore by JFD in 2009. Under a 20-year contract to the customer for submarine rescue and related services until March 2029, DSAR-6 is in service onboard the submarine support and rescue vessel (SSRV), MV Swift Rescue.

Starting his career with JFD as a Rescue Service Technician (Electrical), Tony went on to qualify as a Rescue Chamber Operator in February 2015. He continued his training and participated in Exercise Pacific Reach 2016, a multilateral submarine escape and rescue exercise, as an SRV Training Pilot 2.

Tony was selected for training ahead of schedule because of his excellent skills and ability and because he qualified as an SRV Pilot 2. He successfully qualified as SRV Pilot 1 in late 2023.

Tony Tang Kok Yong, SRV Pilot 1, JFD, said: “It has not been an easy road. Training lessons can be accomplished via courses that can be taken at any time, but I also required a lot of dive time to achieve the skills and experience needed as an SRV Pilot 1. Without the support of the whole Singapore Rescue Team, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve where I am today.”

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