Seatools Deploys Pre-Piling Template Equipment at Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm

Seatools Deploys Pre-Piling Template Equipment at Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm
(Image credit: Seatools)

Seatools is pleased to announce the successful delivery and operation of its pre-piling template equipment to CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE) for the Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm project. This milestone reinforces Seatools' standing as the undisputed market leader in advanced subsea metrology and control solutions, drawing on its vast experience from over twelve similar pre-piling template projects.

Seatools, in close collaboration with CDWE, was responsible for the comprehensive design of the pile template's metrology and control system, encompassing all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and software components. This scope also included hydraulic and mechanical systems dedicated to template leveling and precise pile positioning. The advanced metrology system ensures that pile installation is achieved with exceptional accuracy, meeting stringent tolerance requirements.

The commissioning of the equipment supplied by Seatools was notably smooth, a result largely credited to Seatools’ utilization of advanced simulation capabilities and to the constructive collaboration with CDWE through the different phases of the template design. These sophisticated simulations subjected the equipment to extensive virtual testing under various operational conditions prior to its actual deployment. This proactive approach significantly reduced the need for on-site modifications and calibration, streamlined the commissioning process, and improved the certainty of adhering to the offshore wind farm’s construction schedule. The accuracy and reliability demonstrated through these simulations reflect Seatools’ dedication to employing technology for superior project performance.

The project uses both a vibratory hammer and an impact hammer for pile installation. This mixed-method approach led Seatools to undertake a detailed evaluation, ensuring the equipment's structural integrity and operational reliability under the varied loads imposed by both the vibratory and impact methods.

Jan Frumau, Managing Director at Seatools, remarked: “I am very pleased to have successfully delivered this pre-piling template equipment to CDWE for the Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm. This project not only solidifies Seatools' position as the preferred supplier of mission-critical subsea equipment for industry leaders like CDWE but also highlights the strength of our partnership. The excellent cooperation we experienced with CDWE was instrumental in achieving such a smooth execution. We remain dedicated to equipping them with reliable subsea technology to ensure productive, accurate, and uninterrupted offshore installation operations. By leveraging our advanced simulation techniques and robust industrial-grade subsea hardware, we empower our clients to perform effective and precise pre-piling operations.”


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