Van Halteren Technologies Delivers Motion Compensation Control to Barge Master

Van Halteren Technologies Delivers Motion Compensation Control to Barge Master
Left side: BM-Feeder - right side: BM-T700. (Image credit: Van Halteren Technologies)

Van Halteren Technologies Boxtel and Barge Master have been working together again on a new motion compensation solution: the BM-Heavy Feeder. Two of the new BM-Heavy Feeder are used to install wind turbines for the Vineyard Wind project in the U.S.A.

BM- Heavy Feeder solution

Barge Master’s BM-Heavy Feeder is the feeder solution for the Next Generation Wind Turbines. This motion-compensated platform, with its scalable payload capacity, can transport and compensate all Turbine components.

In the Vineyard Wind Project this new BM- Heavy Feeder platform has been working together with the existing BM-T700 system, which already had a long track record in lifting, drilling, and feeder operations, to keep the GE Haliade X tower sections still.

2 FirstMCplacedtowersectionFirst motion compensated placed tower section. (Image credit: Van Halteren Technologies)

The Barge Master BM- Heavy Feeder compensates at the base of the Tower sections for roll and pitch motions, where a heave compensation solution in the hook of the crane assists in eliminating the heave motions. It can operate in sea states of over Hs 2.0 meters and has a payload capacity of 700-1500 tons.

Van Halteren Technologies engineered, produced, and delivered the specialized drive and control for these innovative platforms, including the Hydraulic Power Units, roll and pitch cylinders, docking cylinders, accu-sets, selection manifolds and controls.

3 Barge Master heavy feederBarge Master heavy feeder. (Image credit: Barge Master)

Van Halteren Technologies and Barge Master have a long and successful collaboration, where Barge Master is a company in motion compensation solutions and Van Halteren is a specialist company in drive and control technology. The first system the two companies collaborated on was the Barge Master T700, a big platform able to stabilize any load or equipment up to 700 tons offshore. Subsequently, they worked on the Barge Master T40 together, a motion-compensated offshore crane.

The two companies have partnered up to develop the next-generation motion-compensated gangways, able to work in very high sea states.


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