JW Fishers Gives Back to the Community

JW Fishers Mfg., Inc. takes pride in being a family owned and operated business and believes in giving back to communities whenever possible. Over the past 50 years, JW Fishers has donated equipment or gift certificates to many deserving organizations.

2 SAR 1 winnerThe company has developed a complete line of underwater search equipment that is offered in times of need. JW Fishers products have helped many individuals including dive rescue squads, public safety dive teams, police departments, and fire departments locate drowning victims and weapons used in the commission of a crime.

This past year, a SAR-1 underwater metal detector was donated to Dan Lieb, President of the New Jersey Historical Divers Association, Inc. The SAR-1 was specifically designed for use by dive teams attempting to locate objects in low visibility environments. The SAR-1 was used as raffle prize and the money collected helped with the restoration of the historic building which is home to the New Jersey Shipwreck Museum at the InfoAge Science Center in Wall, NJ. The proceeds will also go toward updating the electrical system to current code.

3 The sandbox loaded with treasureMembers of the NJ Historical Divers exhibited the SAR-1 at the Ocean Wreck Divers annual flea market in Tom’s River, NJ. More than two hundred attendees saw the SAR-1 and many given a demonstration of the detector in action. A number of artifacts were buried and scattered throughout a sandbox. Individuals were asked to locate the buried objects with the detector. This allowed the end user to experience the SAR’s effectiveness and ease of operation. The detector was also exhibited at the Beneath the Sea show (largest consumer trade show of its kind) in New Jersey. Several thousand attendees saw the SAR-1 and many tried it out, and had fun finding the artifacts. Approximately two hundred raffle tickets were sold, helping the NJ Historical Divers Association meet their fund-raising goal.

According to Lieb “the SAR-1 was hit! Everyone who stopped by the booth got a chance to try the SAR-1 in our sandbox with some metal items scattered in it. All who tried the unit were impressed with the vibration feature. We are very pleased with the result and proud to have JW Fishers as a sponsor. Thank you for your generosity and support!”

4 Demo Beneath the SeaJW Fishers also donated a $500 gift certificate to the annual Treasure Hunters Cookout held in Sebastian, Florida this year. John Redman, the founder of the Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout, was elated. “I couldn’t wait to tell you that your gift certificate for the cookout was a highlight of our raffle! We had somewhere between 400 to 500 treasure hunters attend including Burt Webber, Carl Fismer, Dr. E. Lee Spence, Dr. Eugene Lyons, John Brandon, Taffi Fisher and many more. With your support we managed to raise approximately $2,700 for the ‘Michael Abt Jr. Heart Foundation.’” This organization supplies defibrillators to schools in an effort to prevent childhood death or injury due to heart failure during sporting events. John went on to note that they also raised some monies to kindly assist “old treasure hunters who have fallen on bad times.” The 11th annual cookout will occur next year on April 27, 2019 in Sebastian, Florida. It is open to anyone that would like to attend and the proceeds will benefit another great cause. Thank you, John and team, for giving up your time to help others!

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