Xergy Opens New International Office to Support Growth of Its Game-Changing Software

Xergy Opens New International Office to Support Growth of Its Game-Changing Software
Colin Manson, Xergy co-founder. (Photo credit: Xergy)

Technology company, Xergy, has opened new offices in Perth, Australia, and Dundee in Scotland to support increasing demand for its project management software, Proteus.

The new offices have created 10 new roles, taking Xergy’s total workforce to 34.

Headquartered in Scotland’s energy capital, Aberdeen, with an office in the UAE, Xergy has invested £9.2m in the development of the “game-changing” management software that is helping companies with their digital transformation.

Proteus is an intelligent, integrated software that dramatically improves the delivery of complex energy, engineering and infrastructure projects. It allows users to gain better control, visibility, accuracy, and productivity, across their projects.

Proteus is used by multiple global organizations to support digital transformation and dramatically improve project delivery, including significant energy sector clients in the UK and engineering companies in Australia.

Colin Manson, Xergy co-founder, said: “Our new Australian office, in the heart of Perth’s business district, is a direct result of the business opportunities arising through strong relationships we have built in the Asia Pacific region. As more companies understand how Proteus helps achieve their digitalization goals and delivers better margins, we are gearing up to support them on the ground.

“Proteus is a game-changer, making digital transformation a simple reality rather than an over-complicated pipe dream. Designed by project engineers it allows businesses to win tenders, optimize project performance, and maximize project returns. It is perfectly engineered to support Australia’s growing mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Mr. Manson added: “Our Dundee office will ensure we can tap into the rich talent pool of software developers and engineers in Tayside’s technology corridor. The team we are building in this region will support our growing presence in the energy sector in Scotland and the rest of the UK.”

A software platform, with a project management system at its heart, Proteus has proved to be popular with customers thanks to its intuitive ease of use but also its proven ability to increase efficiency by removing needless cost and improving utilisation rates and project profitability. It integrates seamlessly with third-party software and databases, providing a single source of visibility for all projects and data.


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