Kongsberg Digital Adds Native Simulation Capabilities to Its Industrial Work Surface

Kongsberg Digital Adds Native Simulation Capabilities to Its Industrial Work Surface
(Image credit: Kongsberg Digital)

Valuable simulation insights have traditionally been kept on-premise, making them unavailable to key personnel in the organization. As a result, important use cases are only utilized during project development instead of being available during normal operations.

These use cases include analyzing systems, identifying bottlenecks, balancing workloads, measuring process sensitivity, improving energy efficiency, or maximizing production capacity.

Kognitwin Simulation in the Industrial Work Surface brings the power of K-Spice and LedaFlow® to users in entirely new ways, as these industry-leading simulation tools can now be fully automated within a collaborative and open environment. This seamless integration allows for simulation in the context of all other work tasks, enabling users to leverage the value of simulation in real-time.

Through Kongsberg Digital's Industrial Work Surface, users can now easily link simulations to time-series data, ensuring their simulations match reality. By performing simulations on real-time data, the Kognitwin platform generates accurate digital replicas of assets, which can be leveraged for near-infinite virtual insights. These insights include virtual sensors, equipment performance analysis, pipeline insights, sub-system optimizations and more. The cloud-based platform allows for the scalability of simulations, meeting the evolving needs of users.

Users can now present simulation results in the context where they are most relevant. Users can compare and leverage other data sources in the Industrial Work Surface to quickly evaluate simulation results, providing a comprehensive understanding of asset performance. Additionally, simulations can be triggered as part of events or workflows, enabling forecasting and look-ahead simulations for daily reporting or shift handovers. This proactive approach ensures that unforeseen events can be predicted, empowering users to make informed decisions.

“With its cloud-native architecture and advanced features, Kognitwin Simulation empowers users to unlock new insights and make data-driven decisions. We believe these capabilities will redefine the future of simulation, as users will now be able to present advanced simulations directly in the Industrial Work Surface – and, as a result, elevate the experts to present their insights directly to the decision-makers. This will greatly enhance safety, efficiency, and optimization possibilities,” says Stian Tangen, Director of Energy Simulation Products at Kongsberg Digital.

The simulation capabilities will be available for Kognitwin users from Jan 2024.


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