New BIRNS Meridian High Amperage Connector Series

New BIRNS Meridian High Amperage Connector Series
(Image credit: BIRNS)

BIRNS made a big splash at Oceanology 2024 at the company’s ‘Power Forward’ event, with the celebration of the company’s 70th anniversary, and the launch of an all-new high amperage subsea connector series, the 225 Amp BIRNS Meridian™ line.

With great power comes great responsibility, and this robust, custom engineered dry-mate connector series is open face rated to 6 km and is perfect for battery packs and thrusters for crewed and uncrewed subsea vehicles that require high amperage power transfer. Select sizes are already being DNV type-approved for 6 km rated crewed submersibles.

image2 BIRNS Power Forward launch event

(Image credit: BIRNS)

BIRNS Meridians are compact, and feature several pin configurations, with more in design for release later this year. The M40 pin configuration has a single 85 square millimeter/3-000 contact. Both standard and reverse gender versions are featured in the series, and all withstand reverse pressure, too, and can be installed into both dry and oil-filled canisters.

The new connector line has a number of exclusive design features to create ease of use and mating, including a tactile alignment index ridge and arrows indicating the primary key position. The receptacles also feature a blue color band on the shell, which allows users to have a strong visual indicator that a connector pair has been fully mated.


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