Venterra Geoscience Supporting Offshore Wind Energy in Atlantic Canada

Venterra Geoscience Supporting Offshore Wind Energy in Atlantic Canada
(Image credit: Venterra Group)

Venterra Group, a global offshore wind services company, is delighted to announce a recent contract award to assess metocean data collection needs to enable offshore wind farm development off Canada's Atlantic Coast. This significant contract is a testament to Venterra's unmatched global expertise across the entire lifecycle of offshore wind farm development and experience guiding governments and policymakers to identify optimal locations for offshore wind farms.

Amidst a surge in interest in offshore wind power, Canada hopes to harness its expansive wind resources to fulfil its clean energy and climate ambitions. Through the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC), the Canadian government oversees regional assessments of offshore wind off the coasts of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. With Nova Scotia planning to offer seabed leases for up to an equivalent of 5GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, the role of the specialized Venterra Geoscience team is critical in realizing Canada's renewable energy vision while ensuring responsible and cost-effective deployment.

Venterra Geoscience, with its track record of international consultancy, will expertly collate existing metocean data, identify critical gaps, and recommend optimized data collection methodologies. Their expertise is uniquely suited to address the distinctive challenges of Atlantic Canada's marine environment, including freezing spray, sea ice, and extreme weather conditions.

This work aims to comprehensively delineate all metocean data necessary to support offshore wind development in Atlantic Canada. The Venterra Geoscienceteam will evaluate regions with imminent development potential, mainly Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador while maintaining a vision for the long-term data needs across the Atlantic.

The insights obtained through this work will support various initiatives, from precise field measurement campaigns to advanced numerical modelling and targeted R&D, towards closing the information gap in Atlantic Canada's offshore wind sector.

Lee Gooderham, Director of Venterra Geoscience commented: "Our work on behalf of Canadian policymakers is a significant step in Canada's energy transition. Canada's proactive policies for renewable energy and grid modernization in anticipation of offshore wind development are commendable. Our Venterra Geoscience team who have vast international experience, will offer strategic insights to not only meet but exceed Canada's clean energy goals, exemplifying responsible and sustainable wind farm deployment."


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