FET to Supply Subsea Organization AQUA Exploracion with Work-Class ROV

(Image credit: FET)

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. (FET) announced its Subsea Technologies product line secured a contract from AQUA Exploracion for one of its Ultra Compact Perry XLX-C work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROV). The XLX-C will be equipped with a comprehensive spare parts package to optimize performance and reliability.

The ROV will complement and increase the company’s existing capabilities and will be used to enhance subsea exploration, inspection, and intervention operations in challenging environments. The Perry XLX-C ROV has advanced features and a robust design, making it ideal for tasks such as pipeline inspections, underwater structural assessments, seabed mapping, and deep-sea equipment installation and maintenance. Additionally, the ROV’s versatility allows for efficient deployment in various underwater projects, ranging from offshore oil and gas exploration to renewable energy installations like offshore wind farms. Its integration into FET’s fleet underscores their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for their clients while maintaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

The contract is an example of FET’s commitment to recycling systems and refurbishment capabilities. The XLX-C work-class ROV was originally manufactured at FET’s UK facility at Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, and will be sent to the factory for a thorough refurbishment and re-testing, ensuring it meets the highest standards. Additionally, it will be equipped with a comprehensive spare parts package to optimize its performance and reliability.

The ROV has a 2,000 m depth rating and coupled with a compact Dynacon LARS design, is ideally suited for inspection, survey repair, and subsea maintenance tasks. Ancillary tools and sensors can also be added to the vehicle for survey and light intervention work. It is equipped with a high specification and a seven-function manipulator arm for complex underwater procedures.

Kevin Taylor, FET’s Vice President—KMS and Subsea Robotics, said: “Our range of Perry ROVs are the most long-established and recognizable vehicles in the subsea industry due to their quality, reliability, and flexibility. We are extremely pleased that our ROV has been chosen to support AQUA Exploracion. The XLX-C WROV is one of the most versatile models on the market and has the capabilities required for the tasks that it will undertake for AQUA Exploracion. FET has a robust strategy of providing first-class engineering, after-market support, and service to offshore contractors from our operating centers located in key regions. We look forward to the on-time delivery of the system later this year and to continuing to support AQUA Exploracion’s global operations.”

Luis Gamez, AQUA Exploracion, Commercial Director, added: “A momentous amount of work has gone into preparing what has been a complex contract in a very short time, but our dedication and collaborative efforts have ensured its successful completion. This partnership with FET’s Subsea Technologies product line marks a significant milestone for AQUA Exploracion, reaffirming our commitment to acquiring top-of-the-line equipment to bolster our capabilities in serving our clients’ needs efficiently and effectively. We are confident that the integration of the XLX-C work-class ROV into our operations will not only elevate our performance in subsea exploration and intervention but also enhance our reputation as a leading provider of integrated subsea solutions. We look forward to the continued success of this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on our future endeavors.”

FET is known globally for manufacturing high-quality, robust ROVs and associated auxiliary products for a number of underwater industry applications ranging from oil and gas to renewables, defense, mining and telecommunications, mining, aquaculture, and academia.

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