Sarcos Announces Delivery of Guardian Sea Class Robotic System to Atlantas Marine

Sarcos Announces Delivery of Guardian Sea Class Robotic System to Atlantas Marine
The Sarcos Guardian Sea Class underwater robotic arm system delivers human-like manipulation capabilities in complex and often dangerous underwater environments. (Image credit: Sarcos)

Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation (“Sarcos”), a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced robotic systems, solutions, and software that redefine human possibilities, has fulfilled an order from Atlantas Marine (“Atlantas”) for two Guardian Sea Class robotic systems and a support package. Sarcos delivered the systems in the third quarter of 2023.

The Guardian Sea Class is a teleoperated, dual-armed manipulation system with six-function dexterity per arm and performs in depths of up to one kilometer (1,000 meters). When integrated with VideoRay’s Defender ROV, which delivers exceptional power and maneuverability, it is expected to enable operations in currents up to four knots. The use of the Guardian Sea Class system reduces the need for divers to work in dangerous underwater conditions, allowing for safer, faster operations.

2 Guardian Sea Class(Image credit: Sarcos)

“We are looking forward to putting the integrated Sarcos and VideoRay underwater system to work,” said Charlie Foll, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantas Marine. “One of the key pillars of our business is providing the world’s most comprehensive and sought-after subsea offshore inspection services using the highest quality equipment. The Guardian Sea Class helps ensure we provide the best service to our customers while keeping our employees safe.”

The Guardian Sea Class system is electronically driven, eliminating the added weight, size and expense of hydraulic power unit systems, lowering maintenance costs and reducing the risk of system downtime. When paired with VideoRay’s Defender ROV, it augments the ROV’s existing capabilities, flexibility and upgradeability, to perform a varied range of complex and precise tasks using handheld tools and sensors.

3 GuardianSeaClass(Image credit: Sarcos)

“This sale to Atlantas is an important milestone that demonstrates Sarcos’ ability to bring complex robotic systems to market. This sale enables us to demonstrate the important role our complex robotic systems play in challenging underwater environments,” said Matt Vogt, Chief Revenue Officer, Sarcos. “We work to provide job-critical solutions to our customers that also prevent injury and save lives in the harshest and most inhospitable environments.  The Sarcos-VideoRay combined system is expected to offer the most advanced underwater inspection and intervention capabilities on the market, driving down organizational maintenance costs and protecting human capital.”

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