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Ocean Sonics

Truro Heights, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Ocean Sonics, trusted world leaders in underwater listening, designs and manufactures the icListen family of Smart Hydrophones. The icListen is the only digital hydrophone to provide high quality, ready to use data in real-time, delivered directly to your computer, tablet or smart phone. Use icListen as a real-time listening device or as an acoustic recorder. The icListen provides users unique features such as: Real-time data visualization Built-in event triggers SEL/SPL measurement and many more… icListen simplifies the collection, processing and use of ocean sound data and has been adopted as the hydrophone of choice by users around the world. Listen Now. The Ocean Sonics Way.
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Truro Heights, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Ocean News & Technology
is a publication of TSC Strategic

8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997