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Poway, California, United States

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Teledyne RD Instruments, located in San Diego, CA, specializes in the design and manufacture of underwater acoustic Doppler products for a wide array of current profiling and precision navigation applications. Originally founded as RD Instruments, the company was formed in 1982 through the development of the industry's first Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), a revolutionary device capable of profiling currents at up to 128 individual points in the water column. Through the years, RD Instruments experienced steady growth and remained dominant in the industry by providing an unwavering commitment to new product development, superior data quality, and the highest level of customer service and support. In August 2005, RD Instruments was purchased by Teledyne Technologies, and now operates as a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, Inc. Upon acquisition, the company’s name was changed to Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI). TRDI was one of the founding members of the larger Teledyne Marine group, which is group of 23 brands dedicated to providing customers with a wide array of subsea and surface technology ranging from single-use to turnkey
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