Cellula Robotics Awarded Contract for the CHARYBDIS Phase 1 Project

(Image credit: Cellula Robotics)

Cellula Robotics has been chosen as one of 26 suppliers to be awarded a contract for the prestigious CHARYBDIS Phase 1 project. This selection marks a significant recognition of Cellula's expertise and innovation in the realm of uncrewed surveillance technologies.

Spearheaded by the Submarine Delivery Agency Autonomy Unit (SDA-AU) on behalf of Navy Develop, this venture seeks to commission an array of concept studies from diverse and credible suppliers. The overarching goal is to achieve integrated uncrewed, persistent, deployable Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Surveillance systems.

Cellula Robotics 1The mission of project CHARYBDIS encompasses the identification, prototyping, trials, and delivery of technologies that offer persistent, deployable, uncrewed surveillance prowess. The prime focus of this endeavor is to detect, classify, localize, and report underwater hostiles across expansive oceanic regions.

This commendable opportunity entails the execution of Phase 1 of the project, with future phases being meticulously shaped by insights garnered from the Concept Studies that will be generated through this contract.

In alignment with the Royal Navy’s strategic objective to enhance their operational advantage over potential adversaries, Project CHARYBDIS emerges as a pivotal conduit. This initiative seeks to harness advancements in autonomy, robotics, and machine learning to transcend conventional methodologies, encompassing fixed infrastructure, transient sonobuoys, and crew-intensive platforms. This procurement constitutes an integral facet of Phase 1 of Project CHARYBDIS, which seamlessly integrates into the Royal Navy’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Spearhead.

As Cellula Robotics embarks on this collaborative journey as part of the CHARYBDIS Phase 1 project, they anticipate groundbreaking contributions that will redefine the landscape of underwater surveillance and bolster national security.

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