ECA Group Awarded New Orders in the field of Naval Robotics

Illustration of a drone system based on Unmanned Surface Vehicle USV INSPECTOR MK2 which can autonomously deploy underwater robots SEASCAN MK2 (inspection robot) and K-STER C ( minekiller underwater robot).

ECA Group has been awarded three export orders in its Robotics division, all of them concern naval domain.

Two of these orders cover the supply of mine counter underwater robots and systems for robotization of ships enabling their transformation into surface drones (USV – Unmanned Surface Vehicles).

The third order involves the supply of power conversion systems to be replaced on existing sub-marine equipment.

These orders represent a cumulative amount of over €12 million. Deliveries will be spread over the next 24 months.

In the field of naval robotics, the sale of submarine mine counter robots is a recurring and historic activity for the group. This new order illustrates the strength of ECA Group’s positioning in this export market.

The sale of ship dronization systems is a growing activity for the group which has developed in recent years a range of surface drones (USV) INSPECTOR. These surface drones are used for various missions related for example to maritime surveillance, hydrography or mine counter measures. The market of ship dronization giving the ability to navigate remotely, or even autonomously, is also an important market. ECA Group has developed dronization kits for ships including teleoperation, mission management and communications. The minesweepers of the Australian Navy were equipped in 2015-2016 with such systems directly derived from the system fitted to ECA Group surface drones INSPECTOR (see press release from February 5th 2014).

This new order for drone kits confirms ECA Group’s position on dronization market for existing ships, both civilian and military.

These dronization kits are also a fundamental part of ECA Group’s strategy to provide its customers a complete range of autonomous vessels (USV): these latest developments in naval robotics, combined with the naval architecture skills of its subsidiary BE Mauric, allow ECA Group to offer a wide range of USVs, adapted to the particular needs of its customers and this in a short time frame.

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